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Updated: Jan 7

We are looking forward to a lucrative 2020, even though property prices are down, the residential market is not looking very peachy, this is when we say, "How do you make money when the chips are down"? The truth is, to identify these opportunities in a depressed market and act on these opportunities is exactly how you will make money (how do you think Warren Buffet does it)?

Property Share Group and the Director's welcome you. Our vision is to empower people who are serious about creating wealth, investing for the longer term and who value wise decisions to create this wealth and in doing so, create a prosperous future for themselves. Our property offerings are genuine, lucrative opportunities, leaving our investor's with no guesswork and guaranteed returns.

So many questions and ways to invest in property. Which information do you believe, or even trust?

How do you invest in property? How to be a property investor? There are so many different ways to invest - which one is the correct method and how will this affect eventual return on investment?

Lets talk about opportunities! There are opportunities everywhere, in every industry, in every area of life. Little pots of gold hidden everywhere. What do you need to do to find these pots of gold? Simple, you search for them. If opportunities were easy to find, wouldn't everyone be exceedingly wealthy? Our focus in this article is on Property and its many benefits, because Property Share is a Property Investor Company.

What is the outlook at the moment when buying a property in South Africa? Well, not as awesome as it may seem. The following image of provinces (appreciation factors) in South Africa says it all (courtesy of Lightstone) :

Looking at the appreciation factors above, we know that house prices are not good at all. Buying a property for cash is probably the wisest decision anybody could make now, given that the market is depressed and who wants to pay back double the value of their home back on capital and interest? What do you do when prices are down and you need to invest in property? Forget the traditional home ownership concept - this would return you exactly what you see above. Instead, you search for OTHER opportunities, right?

There is no need to go any further. If you're reading this page, your search is over. Property Share Group's offering's include high return properties in two ways. Yes, a little bit about us!

The two ways we make money out of property are assisting property owners in distress (1) and the other is investing in new, fresh projects (developments and the like) (2), special opportunities which are, believe us when we say, hard to find.

But what about the traditional property ownership and buy-to-let? Don't these produce excellent returns?

Traditional property ownership, yes, if you need a house to live in and you aren't really bothered by terms such as return on investment or appreciation etc. Traditional ownership will then fit the purpose - a roof over your head, but don't expect any major equity movements after a few years.

Buy to Let properties can produce returns, but...and this is a big but - you as the landlord are then tasked with management of your tenant/s. Do you want headaches such as non-payment of rental, damage to property, neglecting the property, legal measures against tenant/s. No, simply put! Nobody would want these problems, people want simplicity, easy investments, easily manageable circumstances, right?

Property Share is different, we create wealth by investing in safe, secure and high return investments. Our primary focus is targeting high appreciating residential and commercial property and secondly, high interest earning investments. Short term, high return is our mantra.

Please everyone who would like to add commentary, we welcome comments and participation. Have a great New Year!

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